Juwai IQI

We Empower Asian Consumers
to be Global Residents

Property Sellers

Generate buyer leads, nurture prospective sales, and have agents close deals on your behalf, both locally and overseas.

Property Users

Find, compare, buy, rent, or manage homes in more than 100 countries.

Real Estate Agents

Be more effective and increase your earnings by joining more than 18,500 colleagues across the world. Have access to the best local and international listings, rapid commission payment, and highest quality training and support.

Our Services

Juwai IQI is the Asian Real Estate Technology Group that empowers residents of Asia to become residents of the world.

The company offers real estate marketers an end-to-end marketing and sales solution that integrates is super-app, its IQI Global network of more than 18,500 real estate agents, and its market-leading property marketplaces.

Juwai IQI has sold and rented over 17,000 properties worth US$1 billion in 2020, engages 12.9 real estate engaged touchpoints, and advertises US$4 trillion of property from 111 countries every year.

Juwai IQI

  • Extended Global Coverage
  • Robust Agent Network
  • End-to-End Marketing Solutions
  • 18,500+ agents across 15 countries
  • 6 million property listings from 14 countries
  • 12.9 million real estate engaged touchpoints
  • US$1 billion new property sales in 2019
  • US$4 trillion of property advertised per year

Asian Buyer Data for Agents and Developers


Leverage data to identify potential buyers and the most successful property types for each region.


Use the power of data to maximize advertising efficiency. Identify, engage, and convert the most likely buyers.


Apply data to prepare sales strategies and to increase successful sales.


Use data to manage your own team and resources with the greatest efficiency and effectiveness.

Juwai Homepage

Promote your property to Asian buyers throughout the world.

Providing a full range of services to get properties from developers or international agents in front of the world's largest group of cross-border property buyers on juwai.com and juwai.asia.

  • Residential
  • Global new developments
  • Luxury properties
  • Commercial projects
  • Retirement properties
  • Education properties
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Sell your property via the largest cross-border real estate network in Asia

IQI Global is the largest international real estate network in Southeast Asia.

  • Offices in 21 countries
  • 18,500+ agents
  • Global network plus local team
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