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World's largest online marketplaces of properties for Asian buyers.


Asia's largest international real estate agent network with offices in 15 countries and both agent and developer solutions.


Real estate related services include the matching services of mortgage, property management and rental, etc.

Our Services

Juwai IQI is the holding company that owns and operates IQI Global and Juwai Limited, operator of portals Juwai.com and Juwai.asia.

It is the combination of two Asian real estate super-brands dedicated to empowering residents of Asia to become residents of the world.

Juwai Limited

Global Property Search for Asian Consumers

Juwai.com, China's largest online marketplace for overseas properties, and Juwai.asia, the only global property portal for Asian residents.

  • 111 Countries
  • 6+ million yearly listings
  • 5.5 Million Monthly Active Users
  • Residential, new development and commercial listings
  • Connect potential buyers to international agents and developers
  • US$4 trillion of property advertised per year

Global Real Estate Advisory

Largest real estate network in South East Asia and MENA.

  • 15,000+ agents
  • 36+ worldwide offices 15 countries
  • 15 global real estate partners
  • Selling over 400+ new developments and townships globally
  • Sells US$1 billion of property per year

Asian Buyer Data for Agents and Developers

Juwai IQI collects and applies data to facilitate real estate sales and provides end-to-end, online-to-offline services to agents and developers.


Leverage data to identify potential buyers and the most successful property types for each region.


Use the power of data to maximize advertising efficiency. Identify, engage, and convert the most likely buyers.


Apply data to prepare sales strategies and to increase successful sales.


Use data to manage your own team and resources with the greatest efficiency and effectiveness.

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Juwai – Promote your property to Asian buyers throughout the world.

Providing a full range of services to get properties from developers or international agents in front of the world's largest group of cross-border property buyers on juwai.com and juwai.asia.

  • Residential
  • Global new developments
  • Luxury properties
  • Commercial projects
  • Retirement properties
  • Education properties
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IQI Global – Sell your property via the largest cross-border real estate network in Asia

IQI Global is the largest international real estate network in Southeast Asia.

  • Offices in 15 countries
  • 8,000+ agents
  • Global network plus local team
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